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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

I have baby tilapia and getting Crayfish so I was thinking I could use a tank separator and keep the baby crayfish and baby tilapia in the same tank... This is not the case. baby tilapia could jump really high also. Well heck any fish can jump really high when I transfer them in the bucket I have to leave the water pretty low or else they will be jumping up out the bucket onto the floor.I bought this tank separator for 15 bucks but I do not want to lower the water in my 55 gallon fish tank and this would be the way the tilapia would not go over the top of it. So I just decided to use this tank solely for the marbled and crayfish have put all the tilapia outside in the IBC tote in the pond.

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If the information helped

If the information helped