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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

here is a little video I shot of the Lurie Spay and neuter clinic in Chicago. The address is 3516 W. 26 st. you do have to park on the street and it is metered parking max two hours you could put on the meter and I think its 2 dollars a hours to tell you the truth. you do have to call to make an appointment. You cannot just walk in. But on your appointment date it is first come first serve. At the Lurie Spay and neuter clinic to check in the Cars from 645 to 715. The dog get checked in from 715 to 745. plan on staying there between one and three hours we drop off the dog. Then you leave for the day and come back at 345 watch a video and then pick up your dog. They're very friendly and very helpful people there. You'll love using it.

Thanks for watching,

If the information helped