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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

Ok people I do believe I bit off more than I could chew on this project. Today I was offered some free Asphalt millings. Asphalt millings are the pieces of roadway that are ground up and taken off the top of roads when they are being repaved. I have a 2002 chevy astro van and this is what I used to haul these millings back to my house. I was about a mile and I made 3 trips. These asphalt millings were in a pile stocked up. OH man believe me shoveling asphalt millings are in no was like shoveling regular gravel. This whooped my butt so much. I had to use a pick ax because the millings were already resticking together in the pile they were in. That is one good thing about asphalt millings and recycled asphalt is that it resticks together wherever you place it. It was a lot easier to unload from the van because it was already broken back apart. I would never haul this much weight in my astro van again and I would never dig up my own millings again unless i had some heavy equipment.

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If the information helped