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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

okay last one for the evening. This is an update on my tilapia babies otherwise known as tilapia fry. And my minnows. I'm taking up a new hobby attempting to breed minnows. I don't sell my tilapia or let people eat them. I actually started breathing them way back I think in the year 2000 or maybe 2012 whatever they said that in the world was coming LOL. Since then I just have a lot of big tilapia. And they continue to have lot and lot and lots of babies. Recently three fishing bait shops in the area have closed. Now there is nowhere in the close vicinity to buy live minnows. Therefore I'm trying to breed minnows to see if I can have a sustainable supply of live minnows. I'll are really rather keep the minnows breeding and have a lot of minnows and have a lot of tilapia that I am not doing anything with.

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If the information helped