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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

what's going on around here. Well it finally happened I got rid of all of my tilapia well all but one. I kept my big guy Brutus.. So this is my empty 125 or 130 gallon tank. The water is kind of funky. I've been working a lot of overtime and not have time to maintain the tilapia at all. And I have had this Pacu in the tank because he killed one of my goldfish in the upstairs tank. I have heard that PAcus can live for many many yearsso I am keeping my Pacu and attempting to see how long he can live for. Right now he is about eight months old or maybe six months. I did purchase a pictus catfish. But the reason why I chose this catfish is because it only grows to 5 inches. It is the best With bigger fish and it is a bottom feeder. So the Paco will eat stuff and drop it to the bottom and the catfish will keep it clean. All three tanks I have running are all running off of one air pump which is the whisper 150. I love the whisper 150. It moves a lot of air and is almost silent. Well thanks for watching my video I hope it helped you out a little bit.

If the information helped