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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

hello its ROb here if you like following me you're probably wondering why I'm not putting many how-to videos up. Well it's winter here in Chicago and I'm not working outside right now LOL. This right here is a video I did of the wine rack. I actually came across it when I was searching on for some fish food so I dont knwo how this came up in my search. But when I seen this I thought hey that'll be a good video topic. How many ladies do you know that likes drinking wine? they already had the beer belly out for the men. So I guess they had to come out with something for the ladies. INTRODUCING THE WINE RACK. I guess this is pretty smart because at a lot of sporting events that alcohol is pretty high. Well if you know anybody that likes drink and wind please kindly share this and much appreciated.

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If the information helped