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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

I woke up one day and decided I wanted a little pond in my Chicago back yard. I had a 10' X 25' plastic roll laying around so I grabbed a cold beer and shovel and started digging. I dig for about a hour to a hour and a half and put all the dirt I dug out all to one side and stared to mold a waterfall there. I doubled the plastic over itself and tucked it into the dirt and bobs your uncle I had a Pond... I filled it with water and about a week later added Tilapia and gold fish. Its about 125 gallons...the reality of it is anything that holds water can really turn into a pond. These big 10' x 25' piece of the plastic really works good. You should throw like a blanket over all old canvas tarp or something on the bottom two-line it so the plastic don't rip.this thing lasted like three years and the only reason why you don't have water in a right now is because I took a big pitchfork and poked holes in the bottom to make a bigger pond.

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If the information helped