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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

okay I filmed this a couple months ago but I'm just catching up on all my videos. I actually purchased that 125 gallon tank for $135 from a resale shop. part of the agreement I had my wife is if I get that big tank I get rid of my big pond LOL. A lot of my tilapia hobby I do on a budget. So in that little pond on the floor I had an abundance of tilapia. I just keep him as my pets I'm not a breeder of tilapia I don't sell any tilapia. So I have enough and i try to keep them from hatching babies. the basement water is pretty cool because it sits right on the concrete floor. I have never had any babies hatch on that pond that sits on the floor. As I was draining the pond moving the fish around my son noticed a bunch of babies swimming around in the bucket he was moving the tilapia to the outdoor water tote in. Wouldn't you know it the water was only 72° and one mom had all her babies. Stranger things have happened I guess. Subscribe subscribe subscribe.

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If the information helped