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google adsense ad. I luv google

If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

A little description on what Im doing to create some extra money online. THIS is a true story... Now I haven't hit the home run and quit my job and retired early But I do get a couple hundred dollars dropped into my accounts every other month. I am still going full stream ahead forward and shooting for the couple extra hundred every month and grow it from there. I am not doing any multi level marketing or get rich quick schemes. I used youtube adsense, book baby and lulu.working with AdSense and YouTube content is King. I have about 218 videos operate now and I'm shooting for like 1000 videos by the end of this year. What I have learned is when I put the video up on YouTube I also have to put it on my website. Right now I'm trying to play catch-up with my website because I started seeing revenue coming with YouTube and Google AdSense that I just left my website fall behind. One major thing you should do if you plan on using you to an AdSense to make money is realize that web crawlers can not read videos so with descriptions you have to be very accurate and lengthy in your description so web crawler can put your video that of the other ones. Good luck on your venture.

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If the information helped