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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

Chicago, Il. June 13th. 2015 hello there my fellow tilapia lovers. I make in this video because I am giving up well ending my tilapia hobby for now. I've been working on getting my boat on the water and doing some fishing. There are many things I have acquired or made or built during my two years with the tilapia. The most expensive thing you would look for is that IBC tote. You want to make sure you get the water tote that was not used for any chemicals previously. Because your fish can absorb those chemicals. So the one that I including in this was brand spanking new when I got it. My biofilter is up and running and already set if somebody wants to really start off their tilapia hobby or their aquaponics system this will really get you up and running. with the tilapia and the once you get the temperature up to 78 to 82° you will have so many babies you will not know what to do with them. These are blue tilapia thay can live down 55° but I would say only the medium to large can live in that coldness. right now the system in the basement is at 72° and I see one female has eggs in her mouth right now but I do not believe that babies will hatch because it's not warm enough. Once you get that temperature up or put them outside and it gets warmer you'll see babies swimming around in no time. I really want to sell everything combined as a group. What do you think a fair price would be? I live in the Chicago land area and I will probably be putting this ad on craigslist pretty soon. and of course it's going to be you must pick up LOL thank you very much for your input.

If the information helped