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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

what's going on Rob here. This was a little fishing trip I did in the Calumet River. it was May 26, 2016 I believe. I had to pick somebody up from work at a pallet company and I seen the little pond off to the side. so I followed the pond around and it turned out it lead straight into the Calumet River. And that's where I set up camp at. I fished there for about four hours. I used live minnows and not till dusk did the fish start biting. I used a double drop shot. A 1 ounce weight with two fishing hooks. And I sent it to the bottom of the middle of the river. And that's where I caught my fish. I caught three perch and one smallmouth bass. That's really what I needed some good karma because I've been getting skunked fishing the past couple of times.

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If the information helped