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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

this is a video I shot of watching these guys retrieved a Jon boat out of Lake Michigan. The boat launch they were at was in Calumet Park at 92nd St. or 95th St. and Ewing Avenue. I always wondered if I could put my Jon boat on Lake Michigan. And apparently it's fine because I when I was fishing I saw quite a few Jon boats that were out in the Calumet River. And they entered from the Calumet Harbor area right off of 95th St. I personally worry about putting my back tires all the way in the water. Because my vsn is rear wheel drive and one time I did slip and some alge with the back tires. So when I seen this trailblazer go all away and up to the doors I was wondering what was going to happen. But they did retrieve it no problem with three guys one of them should've stood all the way in the trailblazer with is foot on the brake so it did not have a chance to slide backwards. Anyway this is how was retrieving this Jon boat from the boat launch at calumet Park on the south side of Chicago. The waves were pretty choppy this day.

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If the information helped