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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

this is a video I made of step-by-step how the construction company worked on our house. Believe it or not this was just a two-day process. The first day they came as for the main beam and put the house which had hydraulic lives in them to support the house. then they cut the old beams out and broke the existing footings outgrown with jackhammer. They went 2/12 feet square and 2 feet deep. they filled the hole with concrete. And let it set for 2 days. Two days later they returned and requested that myself and my wife be here for when the lift the house. It was pretty scary when they were lifting the house because we heard the actual beams in the wall in the plaster cracking and they were lifting. and that's why they requested we be home. There's a fine line of lifting it to the point where all your doors work and what you're willing to sacrifice with cracks in your wall. The lifted to their comparability of the stress on the existing house. And then asked us if we would like to go more or leave it were they were recommending us to leave it. I try to explain it the best I can. We did use at this restoration in Chicago. This project costed me $3900. But I feel it will last the life of the house.

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If the information helped