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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

what's going on Rob here. This video is how to replace the instrument cluster bulbs or the dash bulbs on a 2002 Saturn L-series. All you'll need is a 7 mm socket and a T 15 torques screwdriver. to get the actual instrument cluster out is very easy is trying to line up the little lights that can be a little bit time consuming. When you get the instrument cluster out be very gentle screwing the lights back in dont torque them down too much is you don't want to break the plastic. Before you put the dashboard back together make sure that all the lights are on right you may need to take it back out and twist them a little bit more to make sure the connections are being made. Again this is replacing the instrument cluster bulbs or the dash lights on a 2002 Saturn L-series. Like I said it is a pretty easy job just take your time.

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If the information helped