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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

okay so I bought this used boat and I needed to replace the bilge pump. I actually found 800 gallon per hour bilge pump and sale at Menards for like 15 dollars. It is a self starting bilge pump which means it has a internal float. The previous owner mocked up a stainless steel little shelf to hold his bilge pump. I did mount the shelf to the same location where the previous owner had it although I had to drill new holes for the new bilge pump. I used alligator clamps for now. I don't like doing two part videos but there is actually a secondary video to this one of me remounting this exact same bilge pump. After I installed this bilge pump I filled the boat with water to see where it will start pumping. The boat was actually filled with about 3 inches totally with water before it started to pump. That's why I remounted it in the next video. This is a Seasense bilge pump.

Thanks for watching

If the information helped