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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

Jack of all trades master of none. Here's a video I did of repairing a very scratched up car bumper. I did not think the bumper was going to be this bad. It looked from far away as if somebody just sprayed gray primer over it. But when it got here and it was close up there were plenty of little dings and paint chips missing from the bumper. On top of that I was on a strict time crunch. One think I must say if I do this over again I will stick to using my gray primer. Covering up that black primer was a nightmare. I did use duplicolor perfect match automotive paint. It wasn't the actual exact paint for this car. But we could not find red fire metallic anywhere at any local stores. all the other Google colors they had were basic paints and this was the closest one to match. I did find red fire metallic and Internet and that one was double the price. I am happy the owner of this car was extremely happy with how this paint job came out. Total cost for this paint repair would be around 25 bucks.

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If the information helped