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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

Here's a video I did of reparing a garbage picked weed Wacker. You don't necessarily have to find and garbage one to repair you can really just repair the one you have. When you pulled the cord as long as the cord goes up and you hear the engine turning it's not frozen. So you should be able to get it to work again.

You have to use two cycle oil and I prefer to use premium gasoline. The little engines have the little carburetors and injectors that get all gummed up if you use cheap gas.

I actually have this same weed Wacker. The choke on mine works different than the choke on this one. You can tinker with these small engines and it is easy to get them to work all you need is air, spark, gas and oil.

So go ahead starting tinkering.

good luck to you.

Thanks for watching Trev2323