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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

what's with you people Rob here. Today I'm working on a mountain bike that I garbage picked. The main problem with the bike was that the handlebars were stripped and the bolt for the gooseneck with stripped. I did use off Harbor freight welder to tack weld the handlebars to the gooseneck. This bike is like brand-new I could not believe somebody threw it away. I seen the guy as he was throwing it away and asked him what was wrong with it after he told me the handlebars first ripped I even offered to tack weld them for him. But he said he bought another bike already. This is a pretty nice mountain bike. I had three extra BMX bike frames in the garage so I used the seat off one of those. this is the second bike I garbage picked within two or three months. I don't know is been a streak of mine lately LOL.

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If the information helped