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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

okay people you know me I try to share all information I find out. This right here kind of interested me because I need to fill in some area from my garage to the alleyway. To have it all dug up reinforced and pour concrete over it is going to be really really expensive. There is other places I would like to put my money right now. I seen this couple doing this and I will let you what that was pretty smart. They got to fill in the gap that they needed from the concrete driveway to the alleyway and all they spent was nothing other than gas and hard work. They actually went because there was a business tearing up their driveway so they shoveled the driveway onto their pickup truck they must've made about three trips. They got back to the house and they dropped all that black top that was dug up behind their garage to theirr alleyway. They rollover back and forth with their pick up truck and packed it in very very well I mean this is solid right now when you drive a truck over it it's really solid it doesn't sound like it's cracking or sinking at all there must be 3 to 5 inches of blacktop put down right here. Now if this were me I probably would still either poor blacktop sealer over it or put the leveling membrane over it then the blacktop sealer. I was just wondering what you think about this.

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If the information helped