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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

I made a video about me venting on the United States prison systems. I can not believe we keep so many murders alive and have the tax payers pay for 3 meals and heat and water for them. I feel that there is no need for a prison called the super max. Why Really if a person kills someone and goes to jail then kills someone in jail they just should be executed not built a special place for. I am starting to believe when I hear to say the prison system is a money making business for the wealthy. There should only be minimum and medium security prisons. In this day and age with video or DNA evidence of you raping murdering or molesting somebody I believe she should go straight to 6 feet under. There should not be any reason for somebody to have to make a super max prison that the taxpayers and the state has to pay for.

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If the information helped