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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

here is a Peter Pan DIY baby shower decorations I may. My wife asked me to make this decoration. She actually picked up the material for the window curtains from Walmart and I sewed them into curtains myself. I purchased a 2' x 4' 3 inch piece of plywood from Menards for the background base. The silhouettes we downloaded off the Internet and I used the program gimp two to blow them up and erase all the color so we didn't waste ink printing them. I then used an X-Acto knife and posterboard to cut out the silhouettes. They came out pretty cool. The best thing about it is after the baby shower I cut off the stand and turned it into a wall hanging. This is how I made the DIY Peter Pan baby shower decoration or the Peter Pan window.

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If the information helped