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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

here's a video I shot while we were down in Miami and South Beach. When we go down we normally drive a van. And we have a luggage rack on top of the van. So are always looking for a place to park the van. I prefer to find the Miami Beach public parking. You'll see a lot of public parking signs around but they are privately owned places not the miami beach public parking. At the privately owned places you will be paying a lot more money. we take it down at 2007 Saturn relay van and it fits into the parking garage with no problem although we do have to take the luggage carrier we use off before we pull into the garage and put it inside the van. I really don't know if a full-size van would fit in these parking garages so you are going to have to pay attention to the high signs. There are a lot fewer public parking spaces for Miami Beach then there were years back I think there were only three of them now and one of almost always full.

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If the information helped