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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

at 9 min. in 45 in is my final thoughts. Hey everybody this is me Rob this is like a end of an era for me. Right now I'm packing up my tilapia to help the gentleman drive them two hours away to his house. I've been working so much overtime I have not had proper time to maintain my tank or my tilapia. And I know this gentleman is really excited about the tilapia hobby right now. He brought a cargo van with 4-33 gallon trash cans he had a power inverter with airstone and the heater in the trash cans. it was kind of hard for me to get rid of all these fish. i kinda got attached to them they always come to the top every time I went to feed them.if you're looking I getting into the tilapia happy just make sure you have a lot of space. They're very resilient their very hearty. I did keep my one biggest one Brutus he will be here with me till the end.

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If the information helped