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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

Thanks for following welcome to my second page part two. This next video is the actual video of a osteoma removal in the surgery room. This is not my doctor nor is that me and the table. But this is the same procedure that I had had done to have mine removed. I must warn you the video is graphic and of the actual surgery. So if you have a weak stomach you may not want to watch it. See there are plenty of us out there who have had the pleasure of having a bony lump grow on our forehead. and I bet you more than half of us have wanted to have them removed. Well enjoyed the video. and I'll meet you in the  paragraph right after the video.(please don't forget if any of the information I'm sharing with you is helpful in any type away please click on one of the ads THANKS :O)



    Here are some pictures of my forehead and what it looked like right after my surgery. It was a two hour prep time 10 min. surgery and took me about two hours to wake up after the surgery. They did not even intubate me or put the mask on me to put me fully to sleep they just gave me a twilight. The doctor did tell me that they were going to numb the main nerve in my forehead so right after surgery I felt no pain at all.

    There were no staples in my forehead only glue. there was so much glue my whole hairline was glued together to my forehead.

if you're still here thanks for staying along with me. I know some of the stuff im saying in  the video is probably repeated a lot and you probably searched but I'm just trying to take you through step by step what I had to go through to have this lump on my head, this osteoma, removed.

   the next video is of me about two hours after surgery my wife drove me into surgery and waited for me. So as soon as I got out of surgery I wanted to do a video to let you know how much pain I would actually be in. And I must say I was not in any pain at all as you can see in the video I was probably still under that twilight that they gave me. Yes I did say twilight they did not intubate me and they did not put me fully to sleep. I was just given a twilight for the surgery and believe me that was enough because I don't remember hearing or feeling anything. I know they did say they were going to glue my forehead together but I did not think they were going to use that much glue. I thought like you use regular superglue you just try to get it on the two pieces you are joining. Well not in this case my whole forehead including my hairline down to just above my eyebrows and probably about 5 inches across my forehead was completely glued. well here is the video after surgery.



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