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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

continuing on DAY 16

okay base 16 as you can see by the bags underneath my eyes sleep has been trouble some. When I roll over while I'm sleeping in my fora touches the pillow it wakes me up although I had a adverse reaction to the painkiller medicine he gave me insomnia so I did not use it. Everything appears to be healing just fine. I did not realize how many people have asked Osteomas. One of my coworkers even showed me one behind his ear is not visible when you look at him. But he says it bothers him with him just feeling it there. I said yeah can you imagine having one of the middle of your four head. Like I said your research because there are two different types of osteomas. The one like I have which is the bone. And the other one that grows into the muscle tissue. While continuing on this one more video that I just put up of my one year later review. Thank you very much for following along



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