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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

Ok over the hump, this is my videos from days 2,3 and 6 combined. Believe it or not soreness set in during bed time. I dont know if it was from the surgery or from the glue. I was getting tired of not having full motion of my forehead. I did not take any more Norco's only 2 on the 1st day after surgery. I had the adverse reaction of insomnia then did not take anymore. Man did that suck I was looking forward to getting some good, solid deep sleep. But noooo i had to be the one to have the adverse reaction.

  Other than the soreness and lack of sleep that settled in nights 3 through 6 there was really no pain at all. I still am very glad I had the surgery and would recommend it to anyone who has this lump growing on their forehead. The little scar that is going to be left is nothing compared to the lump that was sticking out and showing up in all my pictures.

One of the main things you have to do if you want your lump on your forehead removed is that you have to tell your doctor that it hurts or is giving you pain and describe what pain you are having. The doctor nor the insurance company are not going to worry or care how big it gets unless it is giving you pain and you demand and are insistent to say i need to know what this is and why is it now hurting.

  I hope the information I have been providing is helpful in some kind of way and it helps you make a decision in whether or not you'd like to pursue having the bone lesion removed.

   Just one more Vid after this one to recap.. Thanks for watching.

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