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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

This is a video I made about one year later after I had a lump on my four head removed. People ask me all the time would I do it again? Yes I definitely would do it again. I hear of but I didn't research another surgery to help get rid of the scar but the star doesn't really bother me. Right now what I can remember way back when. The surgery, the day of the surgery, and the night of the surgery were all fine. What I remember reading the worst was the sleepless night I had for a while a week after the surgery. When I would roll over or roll to my stomach as I was sleeping my four head with touched the pillow and that is what woke me up. They do give you pain medicine although I had a adverse reaction and it gave me insomnia so I didn't take it. I hope me sharing this give you insight and help with your decision.