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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

Hello my name is Rob a.k.a. Trev2323. I know this page and these videos  dont have  anything to do with my website but it does have to do with a part of my life. About 15 years ago I noticed a lump growing on my forehead. But it wasn't a big  lump it was smaller than a grain of rice on my forehead.

One time at the doctor I mentioned to him and he said that it was nothing to worry about and years later it kept growing and growing.

      I remember when it first started being visible to the naked eye people started wondering if I got hit in the head by my wife. I started getting asked the question what is that lump on your forehead? I actually  back then had no idea what it was. I worried how big this thing will actually grow on my forehead? I seen another doctor I mentioned it to him also and it was getting bigger by this time he to told me it was nothing to worry about just a lump on my head. I'm thinking yeah nothing to worry about for you because you're not the one walking around with a lump on your forehead.

   Another major point that this lump took in my life is that it started to make its appearance in pictures. It was almost like it was waving at people in my Facebook photos. In peoples comments they were asking what happened to your forehead? This wouldnt be the the same thing that's happening to you would it?

   What I found out with mine is called osteoma. Mine is actually a bone lesion of bone growth from my forehead. If you do some googling for lump on my forehead, bump on my forehead or osteoma youll find out that there are a lot of people who have them and are saying their doctors are not doing anything to help them get rid of them. Ok well onto one of the first videos that I've made. This is a video I made talking a little about osteoma and my process of getting rid of it.

If the information helped

Osteoma, Day of the surgery:

     this is a little video I did the day of my surgery as you can probably see there was some nervousness in my talking. Prior to the surgery I had to have an MRI done and a CT scan. The doctor also prescribed me stool softners and Norco pain pills. the stool softener's because apparently the Norco's are supposed to plug you up LOL.

    The anxiety I had before my surgery was mainly that it's winter here in Chicago and of course a week before the surgery the doctor tells me "don't get sick or I can't have the surgery done". So that's really what created the anxiety in me working outside worrying that I was going to get sick. this has been 15 long years in the  waiting to have this lump on my forehead removed. So this next video is of a few words before I get in the car and drive the 45 min. up to the hospital for surgery.


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