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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

hello this is a little video I made reworking my Bell & Gossett 1/6 hp pump. my house is about 110 years old and it has a very old boiler. I've lived in this house for 23 years now and had to replace this pump only one time. But the past two winters this pump has been intermittently working only. So in this video I'm showing you what I did a few years to get my bell and gossett 1/6 hp motor working again. hopefully you can get your work and also again to save you some money these pumps are very expensive. Be sure when you're trying to get that impeller to turn again that you shut off the power. It's now mid February. And this pump is still working so is going on probably about a month since I reworked it that is been working constantly. I shoot these do-it-yourself videos to see if I can help anybody else out and help them save some money.

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If the information helped