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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

                                     Do you desire more in life?


This is a video I did early on in my YouTube video, book writing  and AdSense endeavors. But I still honestly and truly feel this way about life. I guess you could call me a retread I've work with various marketing companies and have always dreamed for bigger and better things.some people look at me and think why does everything always have to happen before him. I believe if you send out good karma good karma will be returned to you.


I'm not one to sit in wait to see what my future may bring. I'm one that is doing things today that will control what my future has to bring.


I'm sure there's people out there that some of you may know that are always complaining about their lives and how stressful it is. But the reality of it is if we do nothing to change our lives our lives will never change and we are actually living out the rest of our lives right now. Take control of your life, be accountable to yourself and take life by the testicles. Dream desire and achieve



Why I feel you should OWN a house

A short vid I shot while me and my wife were driving down to Mississippi to visit the family and the fishing.

I truly believe in homeownership I know we don't fully own our home because we always have to pay the property taxes. and try not paying the property taxes on your house see who really owns it. lol

     In the video I explained why I believe homeownership. We all dream to retiring  someday and when you retire one would hope to be able to retire with a paid off house. When you retire think your income goes up or down? Well likely if you're working a regular job with a pension it is going down. Now if you are renting a apartment or renting a house you think in the future your rent is going to go up or down? In reality you know the answer to theses questions.

  This is why I believe in homeownership, to be able to have your house paid off in full by retirement or earlier. When you pay off your house all you have to worry about is your taxes insurance and maintenance of your house. Now to some the bills may be still kind of high And this is going to be due to the community or location you choose to live in and the property taxes you will have to pay. Because property taxes will always be in your life. Think if you're renting an apartment that you don't have to pay property taxes? You're wrong your rent is determined partially on what  the property taxes are on the property you are living in. But at least with the house that you own once the mortgage is paid off your monthly living bill will go down. And if you are a renter your monthly living bill will always go up. Sorry for the bad news. But you know me dream desire and achieve!

Now that you know this the ball is in your court.

Clearing the clutter from your mind



We all have things that happened in the past that are  currently in our daily life. some of us can be very emotional and what we are emotional about good or bad  can propel us forward in life or hold back. if we are not consciously paying attention that means were just letting our emotions control our subconscious mind taking us  to wear ever that is focused on. Normally the bad part of whatever is going on. the average person going through life focus in 90% of problem and 10 % on the solution.


    What we have to do is go through our  mind and find out consciously what is really holding us back, no. What we are allowing to hold us back. There's plenty of time when you can choose your emotions, when you can control your emotions. with knowing that now you have to go through your mind and erase all the  negative thoughts that are holding you back.

   Focus 90% where you want to be and what you have to do to get there. It may not be all fun and games but what will the outcome be if you consciously can control your emotions and only choose to be positive and happy from this day forward? it will make the journey to get there a lot more memorable.

Now put your shoulders straight back, get your posture right, breath in and take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and be happy while you're watching this video.