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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

Hello welcome to my fish tanks and fish totes page one of the hobby that I love in life is taking care of my tilapia. I've grown some from babies and have purchased 4 of them as two mated pairs. Recently I have added channel catfish to one of my aquariums. I have a three-quarter IBC tote in my basement with about 15 tilapia and have 1- 55 gallon tank set up with 10 baby tilapia and three channel catfish babies.


The tilapia I have chosen to raise are blue tilapia, and the reason I have chosen this is because I live in Chicago Illinois in the winters here get  kind of cold. Blue tilapia are known to with stand temperatures down to 55°.




Tilapia are easy to bread and you can have a lot of them in a little space. This is one of my tilapia that I raised in IBC tote. I raised it from a baby about 2 inches long.  One thing to consider when raising tilapia in a basement is that tilapia do best 78 to 82° water and normally it is cooler in your basement. So however many gallons of water you have in your fish tank for IBC tote you will need to heat. I have a 300 W heater in my IBC tote.

One of the things I plan to do for this winter is get IBC tote all of the basement floor, it is concrete and chills the water too much during the winter so my heater has to work harder. If your temperatures go below 68 degrees tilapia will still live but more or less become dormant and they won't mate. So I plan on making a platform of two by fours and half inch thick plywood as a base to set this IBC tote on. I plan insulating floor and building walls insulation around the walls of the IBC tote not to worry I will post my YouTube videos up.  






So without further ado here are my you tube videos thanks for watching.



This is a video of my baby tilapia and my channel catfish enjoying some blood worms. These tilapia when they eat at like their vicious pariahs LOL.



Next Video: this video is of the same fish tank but this time I put some live plants in the tank for the tilapia to eat. Tilapia really love eating live plants. I found that mine really don't like eating sword type of plants. They more or less like this ferny type, the only bad thing about it is that when they eat it it kind of shreads and I have to clean out the filter that evening.



this next video is of me receiving my baby channel catfish in the mail. They were mailed to me priority mail via a flat rate box. I really was worried about them not arriving alive.  To my the surprise they arrived alive. I know the catfish will not be breading till they are at least a pound or maybe a year and a half to two years old. but I always did like the channel catfish. I actually love the red tail catfish but that is a lonely fish and must be kept in the tank or tote by itself or other catfish they cannot fit in his mouth because mine it because mine ate 6 of my tilapia.

Just a short video of my baby tilapia in a 20 long tank. Tilapia  are fun fish to have they each kinda  have their own little personalities. they know when you're coming to the tank  to feed them and they greet you in the morning and when you come home from thing I should say about tilapia is that you cannot just have three in the tank one will be sure to beaten up. When you're breading tilapia you should have four or 5 females to one male ( LUCKY SUCKER LOL). I once had to females females and two males separated and in both tanks one of the fish beat up the other fish really bad. I added a third fish and it was the same thing. I've had better luck with at least five in a tank.

Just some basic tilapia info on this video. this was one of the first video I made with my IBC tote. I kind of went over how to raise tilapia in a IBC tote and how I made my filter. The filter is a complete biological filter now. All I have to do is water changes every now and then. As long as I don't add too much fish at one this IBC tote it up and running and a solid place to raise tilapia.


By no means am I the Mr. tilapia expert I'm just sharing my knowledge and my experiences of what I have gone through. Tilapia are very strong fish and very resistant to fungus outbreaks. Although I did go through a Ich outbreak in my 55 gallon tank it really just affected my catfish and not my tilapia. They tuned and I show you my video of how I got rid of the Ich.


By the way if you got this far in my website please be sure to check out my books I appreciate all the support. Here's the next video.

This next video coming up is a very informative video, it's a video of how I made my filter for my IBC tote. Although of all the people who watch the video I did get 1 dislike so far on YouTube. This filter that I've made here is very easy to make and I swear by the solidness of its working abilities to filter a IBC tote. I would venture to say there is about 130 gallons in the IBC tote. I do put live plants in it also to help oxygenate the water. Sword type plants last the longest in here with the tilapia. But even they do not withstand the appetite of the tilapia.


You can pick up the IBC totes off Internet. And if you don't have IBC tote you can always make your little pond out of a pond liner or even not recommended but yes you can use a rubbermaid plastic tub. I've actually seen some nice water gardens made out of plastic tubs with live plants and gold fish. the creativity of what you come up with is up to you and how much and how bad you desire to have your setup.