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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

okay were about four months  in with my dogs bone cancer. His paw is extremely swollen although he still is in good spirits. We've taken him off his pain medicine after about four weeks of him being on it. It caused him to have really bad diarrhea he could not hold anything in and it was in liquid form just oosing out of him. I know that sounds disgusting but in reality that's what happened.

He is not crying or whining or anything about this paw. The one thing that drives me nuts is he is constantly licking his paws when were trying to watch TV all we hear is him licking his paw.

Today was a good day the weather out here in Chicago has been sunny and warm. So when I let him outside now he loves to lay in the sun and does not want to come in.

Today when I was trying to coax him back upstairs and a dog came to the back of our fence, he charged the back of the fence on the three good legs barking and barking. When the dog left he hobbled back to me looking at me wagging his tail as if to say – did I do a good job dad.

If your are going through this it really does take a toll on you. Some people saw that I am cruel because I did not put him to sleep. But in reality if I was here with bone cancer on my arm I would rather stay here with my loved ones until the good Lord was calling me home. I wish you well with you and your animal... Although they really are not animals their family members.