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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

here's a comparison of my two dash cams. The original one I have is my sharper image one I bought it at Menards for either 12 or 14 bucks I can't remember its done me very well. Although I do not really like it because the screen is on the side so I can't see what I'm actually recording. And the microphone doesn't pick up very clearly. So I bought the other one off for $18 you really do get a lot for $18 you get the USB cable of bigger sized battery I get two usb chargers and the camera with the bigger TV screen that looks at you so you can see which a recording. Although I do believe the quality of the Sharper Image one was better the comparison might not have been fair because why was moved around using it like a video camera. I did hear the one from China keep trying to refocus so I will shoot another review at a later date with it actually my car.

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If the information helped