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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

well I have $120 lesson this day. I noticed as I was boarding the conservation police circling and circling the boat dock area. But I have all my licenses for fishing and boating and my boat is registered. I normally boat this lake but on the Indiana side. and never have any problems over there. Not once has my boat been stopped or inspected. this time my boat was gone through and measured. Illinois conservation police arent playing. It's $120 ticket for every person on the boat that does not have a life preserver. Over 13 the not have to have it on but they have to have one there. 13 and under has to be wearing their life preserver. if your boat is over 16 feet or over you have to have a throwable life preserver also. Along with the air horn a fire extinguisher if you have a gas motor. And up-to-date flares.

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If the information helped