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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

first of all please subscribe to my channel it really helps out thank you. This video is my complaint to Amazon prime or and Monroe shocks. I ordered some Monroe sensatrac heavy-duty shocks off of Amazon prime. They got to me lickety-split within 24 hours. They were in a completely sealed box so nobody at Amazon really got to see the product they were shipping. I did not open the box to I already had my other shocks off. To my surprise when I opened the brand-new box of shocks they already had rust on them. The rubber sleeve that was to prevent the noise was not placed in the right place. They got me to believe maybe I purchased slightly imperfect product. I'm hoping to be contacted back by either Monroe shocks or Amazon prime. What sucks is it was free shipping to get them to me but I would have to pay the shipping on a set of shocks to get them back.

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If the information helped