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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

okay I always say go big or go home. This is hard made my PVC canister filter. It is very very very big I should've actually cut it down because I didn't realize how heavy it would be. I mean this PVC canister filter for my 125 aquarium. They are actually really easy to make. I do recommend you JB welding whatever you have to drill through. Believe me JB Weld will seal all the water leaks. And use Teflon tape to seal the rest of the PVC fittings. this canister worked perfect for my 125 gallon tank as you can see I have some huge fish in there. The Harbor freight water pump was very noisy when I stuck it to the bottom of the 125 gallon tank. But when I put the under gravel filter and the gravel in it I barely heard the water pump at all. Currently I have this PVC filter off because it was so heavy it broke through the milk crate and cracked the drain line off. But I'm going to pick up some more JB Weld put it back together and hook it back up because it worked amazing.

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If the information helped