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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

okay this video is of us installing a PVC fence in our backyard. Of course you know me and my cheap self wanted to install a wood fence. But my wife insisted on installing a PVC fence. And I am so glad and grateful that she did. These fence panels were so much easier to move. We brought them home in my Chevy Astro van. The box was about 2 ft.² by 6 foot long. Or maybe a foot yet eight-foot long. The fence posts were about a foot long each also. We set two begs the concrete per post. What this fence unlike the water fence you sit each post as you're putting the panel. Pour the concrete of the next post until you put the panel in. This fence is more expensive than the wood fence but there's less maintenance in the long run. Good luck installing your PVC fence.

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If the information helped