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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

wow this was a long video. Sorry it took so long some people say that I talk too much. here I am running the electric wires for installing a bathroom ceiling fan or a bathroom vents. This ceiling fan I installed I put with separate switches for the fan and for the light. this house is 110 years old. It has plaster ceilings and spaghetti wires in the attic. So even before I ran my wires I had to figure out how the original ones were ran. Anyone can do this if you take your time. I personally did this project in stages first I ran the actual vent fan from the outside or not the fan of the vent from the outside. Then i cut the hole to the for the fan itself. after that I cut the hole for the outlet. Then I began to run all my wires. But after installing this bathroom ceiling fan I don't know how we lived without it. Because during the winter months with no exhaust the steam sits on the ceiling and the cold outside turns that the mildew. This year guess what no mildew to be cleaned off.

Thanks for watching,

If the information helped