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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

Just a reminder of something you should do to your car if you plan on driving on vacation. This short 15 min practice can really help out.two times already traveling from Chicago to Florida I've had blowouts. And one time going to Wisconsin Dells I had a bubble in my tire. My dad always told me anytime you have your brakes or tires worked on make sure you try to loosen the lug nuts before you drive off the property of whoever worked on your car. Sure enough my stubborn self did not listen and the last time we were in Wisconsin Dells and I had the bubble in my tire I took my car to Walmart to have a brand-new Tire put on and they could not get the lug nuts off of my car. I pulled my car out and try to get the lug nuts off myself with a breaker bar and they would not budge. I wound up having to take my car to a shop and have a mechanic with a 400 pound impact gun get my lug nuts off for me. As I was sitting in Walmart waiting for my car to be done there was another gentleman there telling me his horror story of when he was stuck on the side of the road with a blowout and he could not get his lug nuts off to put his spare tire on. So before you travel anywhere on vacation please be sure to loosen and retain all the lug nuts on your car by hand if you do it by hand you'll know you can get it off if you need to.

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If the information helped