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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

okay this video is how to install the plug on your Jon boat. Normally it's just one standard size plug but if you screw it tighter the rubber expands. You want the plug to fit in kind of snug already when you put it in the hole to plug your Jon boat therefore when you lift up on the handle it completely seals the hole so no water comes in your Jpn boat. These things are really cheap to pick up. I actually have mine tied to my motor mount so I don't miss place it. One funny thing that people actually do is they forget to plug their John boat with this plug and when they put their boat in the water. I know I've actually done that one time with my son in the boat. He jumped up because he didn't want to get his shoes wet and told me the plug the plug LOL. well I hope it helped and maby you learned something.

Thanks for watching.

If the information helped