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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

this is kind of a rant. I had some knucklehead tell me that my tank was nasty because I had a green water in my fish tank. If he would listen to the video he would've known that that was pond water that I just put in my fish tank. I did not want to shock the fish and take them out of the water they were in and put them into fresh clean water. I do have my mega 5 foot filter on the back of the tank. And that would keep the water clean but as long as there was light the green water would have remained because it is alge it is living. and it thrives on lights. No I do also have a video of how I got rid of the green water in my water tote out back, but this is a different way of how I got rid of the green water in my 125 gallon tilapia tank. Basically all I did was cover up the tank with a blanket for three days. The end of the second day I did put some food in there for fish but not a lot. After three days all the green water died and was filtered through my filter. The 125 gallons a lot you think it's crystal clear right now. And that's how I did it just a blanket.

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If the information helped