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google adsense ad. I luv google

If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

well my Google AdSense is actually going pretty good now and people think that I have a very expensive camera or that you need a very expensive camera to shoot videos for an Internet. Truth be told I started uploading video years back with a flip camera that I got from the pawn shop. Since I've upgraded to Canon power shot camera elf 110. Then the elf 130. That's the mostly the one that I use. I got both canon cameras when they were on clearance also now today I just bought the underwater camera from Sharper Image of course it was on clearance for $40. The sound quality is much better with the Canon elf camera although it does shoot video under water I got the shaprer image camera because im going to try and use it as a dash cam. Whatever camera you got just start shooting video even if it's just on your phone shoot the video and upload it you never know it just may change your life for the better. Thanks for watching

If the information helped