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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

2014. JUst a short video on this sun. I work outside and this year I have the craziest tan. My hands look constantly dirty compared to the rest of my body. Its still chilly out here in Chicago so I am still wearing a jacket so now I have a tan on my face and hands only. How dangerous is the sun now a days? I know there is no ozone layer while I don't know I hear that there is no ozone layer. But this is pretty crazy that I have at hand across my hands and a tan on my face and is still cold outside. I hear that you can still suntan on a cloudy day also. The sun nowadays remind me of the movie pitch black with the Vin diesel. Because once that sun goes down or if you're in the shade it's actually kind of chilly. But if you're in the sun on a hot day you are going to bake. Just the video and what's going through my mind.

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If the information helped