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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

was going on Robert Trevino here. Today in this video I am doing a review of my new 1.5 gallon hang on shop vac. the suction on this vacuum is actually very good. All I really bought it for was vacuuming out my van I wanted something a little more powerful. But what sucks is it only comes with a 4 foot hose and maybe 6 foot cord. It is a inch and a quarter hose and I did buy an extension one off of I did not install it anywhere to hang on the wall. I just haven't down still with all my tools. One thing I did notice if you have a lot to pick up even though it states 1.5 gallon the part on the inside of the tank to protect it from dust is fairly big therefore I venture to say there's only like maybe half of gallon of dirt it will hold. If you need it for a bigger area area you would need to go with a bigger gallon capacity although this works perfect for my van.

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If the information helped