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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

well if many of you are tilapia hobbyist you would know that tilapia love to eat duckweed. So I did have some duckweed in my outside pond that I purchased over the Internet. And it did grow all summer long. Where I left that was actually in the filter and not with the tilapia. But recently I got turned onto trying to grow minnows because a lot of the big shops around here are closing. so since I figured I was growing the duckweed in the 10 gallon tank with the guppies that I would put the minnows in the 10 gallon tank also. What I did not realize was that minnows love eating duckweed also in the minnows ate all my duckweed. So now I have to start from scratch again. But I have too many things into many fish so I have to slim down and have to come up with a plan were strategically I can grow my minnows keep the fish that I want as pets not have a couple of my tilapia breed while growing duckweed.

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If the information helped