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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

while I am exhausted today editing all these videos please subscribe if you get a chance. this video rate here is part two kind of of installing an automatic bilge pump in my John boat. I showed a video before of mounting it on the side of the boat. But it allowed the boat to fill up too much with water before the automatic floats which started the pump. So I actually wanted it completely on the bottom of the boat so I used gorilla glue to get it exactly where I needed it. Even with the sea sense built upon bilge pump automatic floats which is still allow for about 3 inches of water to fill the boat before it started. I did not like the way that was so instead I installed my old toggle switch to start the bilge pump sooner. The bilge pump waxy start now with only a half an inch of water in the boat. I hope this information helps or gives you some insight.

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If the information helped