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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

okay here's a video I shot this was this past summer summer of 2014. I use the water Daphnia also known as water fleas to get rid of the green water in my water tote. I actually spray-painted the entire toe with black spray paint to try to prevent the algae from growing. But that did not stop it this tote was receiving sunlight almost all the long and the water turned green. I could not believe it with the water Daphnia that I put in here the water fleas. Within one day the water was crystal clear again. And the good thing about water Daphnia is that when it grows big enough and the fish see it they eat it anyways it's like for them. I also put some water Daphnia are some Daphnia water fleas inside the filter. And I believe that's how the water remained clean.

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If the information helped