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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

here's a video I shot of my buddies taken this to the secret fishing spot. We actually went to the 92nd and Ewing and walked to the train tracks back to the train bridge. In this general area in Chicago you can either fish off of the 92nd St. train bridge or buy it. Or to 87th St. or 89th St. ship canal. This is December of 2015 January of 2016.. Perch fishing here has been very good of course except for the day when I went out. LOL. Plenty of people I know have been going in this general area fishing for perch and catching their limit between 30 min. and three hours. The crazy thing is you can fish for perch here for free. Or go to the local places to buy it for $15.99 a pound. During the winter season and perch it best on minnows. The hard part for people in this area is there is nowhere close to purchase minnows from. Since every tilapia I know I'm going to attempt to breed minnows also.

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If the information helped