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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

okay this is my first video I'm uploading four 2016. I have not been paying any attention to my tilapia because I have been working so much. One day going downstairs to do some laundry I noticed there was a female tilapia that apparently reached age and was on eggs. So I marked it on the calendar and counted 10 days because I knew I would have to start watching him from 10 to 13 days. I was not ready or prepared to have any other tilapia fry hatching. so finally around the 12th day I noticed the mom was hiding between the pump and the glass of the tank fighting anybody that went in that area. So I figured her babies were ready to hatch. Not being ready for this I grabbed one of the 10 gallon tanks I had sitting on the side it was not even cleaned out. I siphoned water from my 130 gallon tank into the 10 gallon tank and made a pop bottle filter. I transferred the female tilapia over and asked soon as I did she released some babies from her mouth. She's a very good mother she's had babies before. So I left her in there for three days with them then transfer her back to the 130. And what a mistake that was stay tuned for the next video LOL.

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If the information helped