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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

I feed my adult tilapia weeds that just grow around the house. I do also feed them a mixture of pond pellets and organic fish food. But I think I am going to lean more towards the free weeds that grow. is almost like trial and error. I pick weeds mainly the weeds that have a thicker stalk and hang them upside down from the top of the pond or the IBC tote. And then the next day I pulled up to see if it was eaten. The tilapia for the most part devour what ever we need and put in there. In most of my videos you see me feeding my tilapia cilantro. But in the summertime I have a place on the side of my house where I let the weeds grew wild and then pick the weeds to feed my fish. They really did not like the organic fish food as much as they like the wild weeds.

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If the information helped